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Gift etiquette for a girlfriend/boyfriend

A gift for a boyfriend or a girlfriend can be tricky to choose, especially if you haven’t been together for a long time.

When you buy a present for him/her you should have two things in mind: buy something that appeals to him/her not just to you and choose a gift without sentimental significance, since you are not yet sure of the nature and intensity of the feelings involved.

You may surprise him/her with a nice meal and a token gift for a birthday celebration. If you discussed certain books or movies than you can give him/her that book or DVD. If he or she loves sweets than a box of fine chocolate is a great choice.

Gentlemen, you can never go wrong offering flowers to your girlfriend. Although you should avoid buying a bouquet of roses if you have just met. It’s a cliche and you don’t want to look old-fashioned type of guy. If you really want to impress her, go with fresh seasonal flowers or a mixed bouquet.

Ladies, you can always be safe buying a gift related to his favorite sports team or hobby. It will be most appreciated and he will hold on to forever.
You should avoid buying clothes or perfumes until you will get to know each other better and you have been together a while longer.

If you have been friends for over a year and your relationship is getting stronger than you can splurge on a nice sweater or watch, gadgets or a nice designer bag that she/he has been eyeing up for a while.
Whatever gift you choose to buy for him/her, you have to consider his/her taste and not yours. And don’t forget, a thoughtful gift with sincere feelings is the most gracious present you can ever give no matter which stage are you at in your relationship.


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