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Dressing well

The power of dressing well

Dressing well is powerful, making you feel undefeated and giving you the courage to succeed. Looking at your best while dressing well, people who believe in you will react positively and help you reach your goals because they want to be part of your success.

When you dress well, you start to expect more of yourself, and you have more confidence in reaching your goals and aspirations; you are more motivated to be successful. 

People act on how you dress, and they expect you to act as you dress. 

When you look great, people pay more attention to you and automatically change their behavior, treating you with more respect and consideration. Have you noticed how the clerk at the bank willingly tries to help you when you wear your best suit and look more put together? Or your colleagues at work make you compliments when you put some effort into looking good?

When you dress well, you become an irresistible and remarkable person that everybody wants to have in their inner circle.

These are a few cues that show you are well dressed:

  • You start getting compliments regularly.
  • Friends and relatives ask for style advice.
  • Random people smile at you often.
  • You become a trusty person, and people turn to you for advice.
  • Women who you appreciate start noticing you, even your boss.
  • At work, colleagues, and superiors, take your opinion and work seriously.
  • Suits, gowns, and tailored garments become more comfortable.
  • You are more aware of style mishaps, and you avoid them.
  • The florist in the corner and the barista at the coffee shop know your name and smile when they see you.
  • You effortlessly nail an outfit for every occasion.
  • People perceive you as a successful person, and they expect the best about you.

Dressing well and looking great is a reminder of what you are supposed to do, and how you are supposed to act, what you stand for in your life and where you belong.


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