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Borrow from men but wear it like a woman

Nowadays, office attire has become a challenge for women who try to build their own successful career. Wearing menswear-inspired pieces gives that boost of confidence and manly feeling that a woman can handle all types of situations.

Yet persisting in this style, a woman may risk losing her feminine look, with a negative impact on her career in the long run. If you try to emulate your male colleagues they may perceive you as a competitor instead of a coworker. It’s an instinct that men have preserved for thousands of years related to maintaining and projecting the alpha male characteristics.

But don’t forget that feminine quality can actually help you in your career! If you want to be successful you don’t have to look like somebody else. Instead, try to balance the femininity with the image of a powerful and decisive woman by showing your qualities. Keep a well-balanced personal image, feminine but professional, and let your actions and character shine and lead to a successful career.

Balancing the power with femininity can bring some advantages in your career.  Here are some feminine elements to add when wearing a suit:

  • Wear a piece of feminine lingerie under a suit. It can be a lacy bra or a bodysuit with delicate details that simply radiate confidence and allure.
  • Add a feminine blouse with polka dots or floral print underneath a blazer. These elements counterbalance the masculinity of the suit, projecting a soft feminine charm.
  • Hem your pants and show off your ankles. Nothing can be more feminine than a little bit of skin.
  • Wear pumps. It will give you that extra height and a naturally feminine walk.
  • Make out of accessories: a simple pair of earrings or a bracelet gives that feminine touch.
  • Wear tights with skirt suit: they are always appealing and add that extra feminine note to your outfit.

Incorporate these elements while wearing a power-suit and you will create a perfect juxtaposition of feminine and masculine pieces that complement the image of a lady and the character of a businesswoman.


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