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The 8 Polite Manners All Successful People Practice

Developing good manners is an important investment in your future. They allow you to feel at ease in any situations – and give you the polish and confidence to become a leader.

Etiquette expert Dorothea Johnson.

Leaders who master manners communicate respect, increase influence, and display core values and ethics in their leadership style and actions.

Knowing the right way to act in any situation will help you navigate your everyday life with ease and grace. 

Displaying good manners will give you that edge of a confident and well-mannered person that will draw people to you.

Why do manners matter?

  • Make a good impression on others.
  • Make others feel good and at ease when they are around you.
  • Encourage others to act and be more confident.
  • Show respect and care for people.
  • Allow practicing gratitude and kindness.
  • Communicate to others that they are seen and appreciated.

Show Courtesy

  • Exchange daily greetings: good morning and goodbye.
  • Say “Thank you” for making people feel appreciated.
  • Respond with graceful manners using words: It was my pleasure, or You are welcome.
  • Offer a seat and a drink when someone enters the room.

Offer a proper greeting.

  • Meet people with a smile and gain eye contact, shake hands to introduce yourself and others.
  • Greeting people with gracious manners shows people they are important and valued.

Remember people’s names.

  • When you meet someone for the first time, say their name when having a conversation.
  • It will help you memorize the name, and at the next meeting, they will be pleasantly surprised that you remember their names.
  • Calling people by their names will help you build a stronger connection.

Show Respect

  • Dress appropriately for the event or meeting.
  • Be punctual.
  • Apologize for the delay.
  • Listen and pay attention to others while they speak and do not interrupt.
  • Do not judge the other person’s opinion, and share your advice when necessary.

Show Consideration

  • Express appreciation and sincerely congratulate them for their achievements.
  • Recognize the strength of others and encourage them for their work.
  • Value their time and the extra work they put in.
  • Expressing appreciation is a genuine way to make others feel special and build long-lasting relationships.


  • Be humble when you offer an apology and make it sound honest and heartfelt.
  • When you apologize, do not blame, justify, excuse, and minimize your behavior.
  • Do admit, accept, indicate, and adjust your actions.

Be Present

  • Staying present in the moment allows you to build a better relationship with another person.
  • Put away your phone and other devices, and focus on the moment giving your full attention to the other person.

Be Yourself

  • Practicing good manners every day with family and friends, you will feel more confident when you meet people in another environment.
  • Your gestures, facial expressions, and how you move your body will become more natural practicing over time, and you will be at ease when you have to connect with influential people.


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