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  • Colored polka dot dress
Polka dot print dress Colored polka dots dress Colored polka dot dress

Subtle ways to wear polka dot print in professional settings

The polka dot is a classic print that women avoid wearing in professional settings because some think that this print makes the outfit outdated and looks too modest and feminine. Other women consider the pattern too childish, remember the Minnie Mouse, and shy away from wearing the polka dot print.

There is a controversial perception that polka dots are suitable only for young women, while adult women should not wear this print. But I will debunk this misconception and prove that every woman, no matter the age, can wear polka dot print and still look professional.

Here are a few subtle ways to wear polka dots in professional settings:

Choose neutral colors

The classic black dress with white dots is the most popular and suitable style for all women regardless of age or social status. For a business look, choose a minimalistic style like an A-line or a pencil mid-length dress. It is an elegant and refined dress style that requires less effort for accessories. A pair of sleek pumps and a structured bag are the ultimate fashion adornments to complete the outfit.

A polka dot printed blouse goes well with skirt or trousers in solid colors especially if the top has some details like ruffles or a pussy-bow. Drape a solid color blazer or a cardigan over a sleeveless polka dot top to show a professional style.

Select the right print size

Large or small dots is the dilemma when wearing this print. Choosing the dots’ size from small to large is guided by your personal taste and body figure. A woman with a fuller shape may choose small dots, while a woman with a petite frame can take the liberty to select a larger size.

One significant aspect to consider besides the size is the pattern density. The more the dots are closer to each other, the more they will appear busier than those with more space between them.

Avoid wearing small and dense dots that strike, especially in the professional arena, in the face like pepper because they will distract the attention, and you will lose people’s interest.

Wear colored polka dots

Fashionable colored polka dots have emerged on the runway, and women eagerly adopted this optimistic and less complicated pattern. The best color choices for a professional look are blue, green, and brown shades.

Choosing a colored garment with polka dots, you should pay attention to the size of the dots. The most versatile and appropriate for a professional look is medium size. Big, large sizes will make you look too voluminous while the small and dense ones look less impressive.

When wearing prints and colors, select a subtle polka dot size and go for a monochromatic look adding solid pieces to keep a balanced and professional look.


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