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Shopping Consultancy

My number one rule for shopping is shop for your body shape and forget about the size. Fit, cut, style are the most important things you will learn during a shopping session. Clothes that fit well and are in range of your color palette, are the only garments that will hang in your closet. We shop based on your budget and places that are accessible and easy to get to. Shopping will be a new adventure and you will understand the pleasure of shopping and styling.

Shopping online can be more comfortable and faster with a stylist. I have two techniques for my clients:

  1. I buy for you and create a mood board with the items that I picked for you after a previous style assessment.
  2. I will guide you step by step how to shop online: choosing online shops, picking your favorite items and pining them to your mood board, comparing the prices, making the final decision and purchasing the clothes you love on your budget.


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