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How to be well-mannered? 5Traits of well-mannered people

Being well-mannered isn’t just about what you do, but about the mindset behind your actions.


Well-mannered people are polite and respectful to everyone they meet. They know how to treat others respectfully, even if they don’t agree with or like them. Well-mannered people might have high standards for themselves, but they don’t judge others based on those standards or make others feel bad about themselves.
Well-mannered people don’t think they are better than others because of their good manners—they want to ensure everyone feels comfortable when they’re around.
When you’re around people with manners, it’s not like they’re going around telling you how good they are at being polite. It’s just that they’re so comfortable being themselves that they don’t need to brag about it. It just comes naturally.

If you’re looking to become a well-mannered person, a few key traits come up over and over again.

Apply manners daily

  • They understand that good manners are not just for special occasions; they are a way of life.
  • They know that manners are not arbitrary rules but useful tools in making everyday life easier and happier.

Treat everybody with respect and consideration

  • They are never arrogant and give others the benefit of the doubt.
  • They don’t expect perfection from other people. They understand that patience is a virtue, and sometimes it takes time for others to catch on to their etiquette.

Make others feel valued

  • They understand the importance of being polite, especially when it’s challenging to do so.
  • They know that being polite isn’t about pleasing others: it’s about being considerate.

Understand the impact of their action

  • They know how to ask for help without being pushy or demanding.
  • They offer sincere apologies and go out of their way to make amends when they’ve made a mistake.

Their manners are genuine, not superficial

  • People with good manners are not necessarily stuffy and pretentious; they know how to handle themselves in any situation with grace and ease.
  • They eat with grace and elegance, but they also have no problem picking up a burger with two hands and biting it heartily.

Manners are a way to show others that you respect them and their feelings, and they can be a sign of your own self-respect. When you’re well-mannered, people will notice and appreciate it—and so will you!.


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