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  • Styling tips on how to coordinate your shoes with your outfit

Do you choose the shoes or the outfit first?

In the ever-evolving realm of fashion, the eternal dilemma persists: do you choose the shoes or the outfit first? The age-old question has sparked debates among style enthusiasts, each championing their preferred approach. Whether you’re a devotee of making a bold statement from the ground up or someone who believes in building an outfit around a favorite garment, the key lies in striking the right balance. There are 3 distinct styling tips to navigate this sartorial dilemma: from letting statement shoes lead the way to prioritizing outfit foundations and achieving harmony in color and style; these tips offer insights into crafting effortlessly chic looks that reflect your unique fashion sensibilities. So, whether you’re standing in front of your closet deliberating on footwear or clothing, I hope this guide inspires your next ensemble and helps you elevate your style.

Statement Shoes Lead the Way

When it comes to styling, some fashion enthusiasts swear by choosing the shoes first. Start with a bold statement pair that speaks to your mood or the overall vibe you want to achieve. Whether it’s a vibrant pop of color, intricate detailing, or a unique silhouette, let your footwear set the tone for the entire outfit. Once you’ve selected your standout shoes, build the rest of your look around them with complementary clothing and accessories.

Outfit Foundations for Versatility

On the flip side, many fashion experts advocate selecting the outfit first, particularly if you have a favorite or versatile piece you’re eager to wear. Whether it’s a chic dress, a stylish pantsuit, or a classic pair of jeans, choose the core elements of your outfit first. Once you have your clothing base, you can then experiment with different shoe options to elevate or tone down the overall style. This approach allows you to prioritize the outfit’s aesthetic while still incorporating diverse shoe choices.

Harmony in Color and Style

Achieving a harmonious look involves considering both shoes and outfits simultaneously. Some stylists recommend coordinating your shoes with key elements in your clothing, such as matching the color of your shoes with your top or accessories. Additionally, pay attention to the overall style – for example, if your outfit exudes a casual vibe, opt for laid-back footwear, while a more formal ensemble may call for elegant heels or polished dress shoes. Striking a balance between color and style ensures a cohesive and polished appearance.


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