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Blazer – Shopping Tips

Finding the perfect blazer may be tricky and sometimes overwhelming if you don’t know what to look for. Here there are a few tips that will help you shop for a well – fitted blazer.

 Look for the perfect fit, not for the size

Always look for the fit not for the size when you shop. The fit is number one rule when you purchase any piece of clothing.

Make sure the blazer fits your biggest part of the body. You can make any adjustments from there. You have to be able to button it even if you don’t plan on doing it.


The shoulders can be a little bit narrower and you may also opt for small pads to keep the shape for your frame. Be sure that the pads end where your natural shoulders end.


Lapels have the role to keep a direct proportion with your body frame and your face width. If your body frame is large you need your lapels also to be wide to maintain the proportion. If you are petite with a small face and small body frame then opt for narrow lapels.


The perfect sleeves should end where the base of your thumb meets the wrist. This length is a must if you wear the blazer on formal events or business functions.

For a casual more relaxed look you can roll the blazer’s sleeves up, showing off the shirt cuffs.


A well-fitted blazer should give you enough room for any movements. The best way to find out if the blazer is the right size is to button it up and to make the movement like you hug somebody. If you feel that the torso will rip apart at your back than go for a size up.

Also, button up your blazer and sit down. If there are gaps between buttons or they look like popping out than opt for a bigger size.


The length of the blazer is optional. Although, for business attire, the length of the blazer should cover your derriere ( bottom).

Always keep in mind that a well-fitted blazer has to give you the illusion of a long and lean body shape and create a flattering silhouette.


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