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3 Easy Ways to Develop Your Personal Style

Style is important. It helps you express yourself, connect with others, and feel confident in your own skin.

Personal style is how YOU express yourself through fashion and clothing choices. Your style says something about who YOU are: what makes YOU happy, where YOU come from, and what sets You apart from the crowd.

So, developing your personal style is a process; it takes time to find what works for you, and it’s not always easy. However, it’s critical to be honest with yourself and be willing to accept that you might not like everything you try on, and that’s okay. Maybe you’ll find a few things that you can’t live without, and maybe you won’t. Either way, try on as many things as possible, and don’t be afraid to take risks.

The keys to developing personal style are self-esteem, creativity, and experimentation. By following these three principles, you can develop a truly unique style that is uniquely yours.

Self-esteem is the foundation of a good sense of style.

  • The great thing about personal style is that it’s all about YOU. It’s not about what other people think—it’s about what you think and how you feel when wearing something.
  • Your sense of self-esteem is like the foundation for your personal style: if you don’t feel good about yourself or what you’re doing, it will be hard for you to express your own creative vision. You need to be able to love who you are and what you do—and believe in it—before anyone else can share that love!


  • Creativity is vital when developing a personal style because it allows you to step outside the box and try new things.
  • It allows you to find new ways of expressing yourself through clothing. Whether it’s by adding a unique accessory or changing up the color scheme of your look, being creative helps you express who you are in a way that no one else can do for you.


  • Finally, we come to experimentation—the most essential part of creating a personal style. Experimentation allows us to try new things without fear of failure; it lets us explore our interests and inspirations without feeling like we must conform or fit in with someone else’s idea of success. Allowing ourselves the freedom to experiment with new ideas is essential to developing our own unique look.
  • Experiment with different styles of clothing! Try wearing a sweater instead of a jacket or a skirt instead of jeans—you’ll never know what might look good until you try it out for yourself!
  • Experimentation shows us just how much potential we have within ourselves—the more we experiment, the more confident we become about who we really are!


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