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Styling tips on how to wear a sweater in unexpected ways

Wearing clothes in unexpected ways add a little creativity to your look!
Sweaters have the tendency to lose their shapes over time and they can become baggy giving you a hard time to style them. Maybe a v-neck sweater that you used to wear it all the time now the v neck is too deep or a cardigan that was your favorite

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How to look slim in a turtleneck

“Turtlenecks are the most comfortable garment you can wear. They move with the body, and they’re flattering too because they accentuate the face and elongate the figure. They make life so easy: you can wear a turtleneck to work and then afterward throw on a jacket, and it becomes very dressy. You can go anywhere you like,”  designer Halston
Turtleneck is

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Chic ways to wear a tailored blazer with denim

Blazer is a timeless piece of clothing and has become a staple piece for any closet. Dressed up or down, the blazer is the piece of clothing that has a huge style impact on the outfit.
A well-tailored blazer gives a nice aesthetic touch to the whole outfit. It is preferable to have a tailored blazer but if you buy one

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Get Your Look Back on Track!

Get your look back on track!
Trends change seasonally bringing up new designs with a diversity of colors and styles influencing our senses and giving us a chance to start fresh a new season.
It’s time to freshen up your look and start to reinvent yourself!  
I know that feeling when you dedicate your time for kids and family and forget just to

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