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How to Make Effective Eye Contact

Making greater eye contact with others can increase the quality of all of your face-to-face interactions. – Brett and Kate McKay, The Art of Manliness
Making eye contact is a powerful social gesture connecting people in a blink of the eye (pun intended). When you make eye contact with people, you not only connect and bond, but you also show respect and

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Make a great impression with a smile

A smile is the universal welcome

Meeting a client or a colleague with a radiant smile can be the first impression before any greetings and handshaking. A beautiful smile is an open door for a smooth and relaxed conversation that exude good disposition and cheerfulness.
A smile is infectious reflecting the good mood and a positive attitude. Have always a smile on

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“You are welcome” vs. “No problem”

“Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others.”

It strikes me all the time when I thank someone, and the answer is “No problem”. Or worst you just get some inarticulate words.
I would like to clarify: “No problem” is a negative answer that we can translate such as “It’s nothing”. A reply with “No problem” is not completely inappropriate

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“Sorry” vs. “Apologize” & “Excuse me”

“Manners are a reflection of your attitude towards others”
Often times I hear young kids saying sorry for small things because they were taught to say it for everything: sorry I took your spot, sorry I went in front of you and so on…
Repeat and repeat the sorry word from a young age will become later on a reflex to say

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