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Swimming pool etiquette

Nothing can be better than relaxing and refreshing by the pool. Attending a pool party or going to the community pool you not only have to wear an appropriate swimsuit but also you have to show proper behavior.

Have fun in the sun and follow this guideline to enjoy your day at the pool:

Wear proper swimsuit

Women should not wear revealing cuts, especially if kids are at the pool, and wear a bra that gives support and coverage.
Men should wear swim trunks that fit well, and it doesn’t fall when you bend or get out of the pool.

If you get an invitation to a pool party and wonder what should you wear than click here and find out.

Shower before you get into the pool

Taking a shower, you clean your body of sweat, lotion, perfume, sunscreen, and other impurities. It is a way to keep the water cleaner and safer, reducing the risk of waterborne illnesses.

Apply sunscreen after you get out from the pool

Applying sunscreen right before you get into the pool is a huge mistake. The sunscreen in contact with water comes off no matter if it’s waterproof or water-resistant. The key for full sun protection is to allow the sunscreen to soak in your skin before getting back into the water.

Showering before getting into the pool and applying sunscreen for sun protection after you get out from the pool are the habits that people should try to develop first for health reasons and second for common courtesy.
Be considerate and take care of your health and the people around you while having fun at the pool.

Common courtesy and consideration are social manners to display while having fun at the pool.

A final tip

Always have a spare of clothing just in case your swimsuit didn’t dry, or an unexpected event occurs, and you have to leave in a rush.
Also, a “wet” bag is on hand for just in case situations.


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