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How to create a charming appearance

Style comes with good sense and taste. Style is not limited to your clothes or your physique; it’s an outer sign of inner intelligence. Style is a concept of self, of what we want to become, and how to get there. – Dominique Loureau

Wear clothes that are flattering
Avoid wearing tight clothes: they accentuate body shapes and may send the wrong message.
Emphasize your best features
Wear clothes with shape and structure that highlight your assets and mask your flaws.
Show only one part of your body
Ex: show your legs but don’t reveal too much decollete
show off one shoulder with a slouchy blouse

Carry yourself with grace
Walk with a graceful posture slighting a little bit back but keeping your head and chin up.
Look polished but don’t try too hard
Create a well- put together look but don’t show you put too much effort into your style. Adopt the “allure” of French women’s style: stylish and effortless look.
Match your appearance with your personality
Find a personal style that expresses your qualities and gives the best impression of you.


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