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How To Be Confident and Feminine

A confident woman does not have to be less feminine.

Confidence and femininity are delicate balancing acts — to be a strong woman isn’t necessarily to have lost your feminine side, and vice versa. To be a strong woman shouldn’t be about losing your feminine side, being bossy, or being aggressive. Nor does it mean that you are any less confident.

Confidence and femininity don’t have to battle each other; they can work together.

Women have been given the reputation of being emotional and indecisive. To be taken more seriously, women are learning to drop these attributes and replace them with an air of confidence. Why does this have to be a negative? We fail to realize that a confident woman can convey competence and authority while showing empathy and care for others.

The qualities of confidence and femininity don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

The key is finding that balance between the two — know when you need to take control of the situation and when it’s right to step back and let someone else take the reins. For example, think about the qualities of a good leader: they’re usually assertive and clear, but they’re also compassionate and empathetic. Being in touch with your feminine side means being able to recognize those traits in yourself.

A confident woman conveys competence and authority, yet she shows empathy and cares for others.

The idea of being confident doesn’t automatically mean you don’t have feelings or that you are not feminine. It’s just learning how to navigate life and navigate your own emotions with grace, compassion, and empathy.

Strong women are as confident and powerful as they are feminine, and they don’t lose that power or femininity when they choose to take on leadership roles or assert themselves.


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