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Feminine and graceful appearance

Embrace your femininity and make your appearance powerfully feminine

There is a thin border between being provocative and becoming vulgar…It’s called femininity.Coco Chanel

Try too hard and show off too much; one will be provocative and look sexy, showing a lack of taste and sophistication.

Make your appearance emanate that aura of an elegant and refined woman who knows

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positive personal image

How to use verbal communication to create a positive personal image

Your words say more about you than you ever thought.

Do you know that the way you talk and how you sound to other people reflect your personal image?

A distinctive tone of voice and expressions used consistently can become easily recognizable as your clothes or makeup or colors you

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Oversize blazer

Power dressing- How to wear the 80’s style oversized blazer

By: Emmanuela Neculai ">Emmanuela Neculai
In: Fashion
Whether you go for a minimalist or sophisticated style, the most important aspect is the blazer’s size: the bigger the size, the more a woman looks sophisticated and confident. Wearing an oversized blazer takes a certain attitude drawing attention to a woman’s personality. Read more
Sheer black tights

4 Styling tips on how to wear tights

By: Emmanuela Neculai ">Emmanuela Neculai

Tights and pantyhose can be the fashion items that can easily upgrade the fall wardrobe and give a modern look. Hosiery from tights to pantyhose, stockings, and knee highs are the garments that complete an outfit.

Nowadays, hosiery lost its importance in a woman’s wardrobe, and many women consider

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