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White pants chic look

How to wear white pants at the office

White trousers scream summer with a cool vibe that makes you feel relaxed yet looking fresh and elegant. They are a staple for summer wear, but you can also wear them during transitional seasons.
A pair of white pants is a stylish and versatile piece of clothing for casual

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Crossed arms

How to convey a positive message with body language

Crossed arms posture is considered a negative body language that sends a message of insecurity, defensiveness, or anger. The truth is, crossing arms at the chest can have a variety of meanings, from comfort to concentration and confidence to anxiety or shyness. Read more
Wide -leg pants

Business casual dress code guide for women

Business casual attire creates confusion in finding out the right balance between casual and business attire – you don’t want to look overdressed or too casual. For example, if you wear a full suit, you may look too formal, while wearing jeans with a t-shirt is too casual.

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