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Wide brim hat Wide-brim hats

Wide brim hat trend – styling tips

The wide-brim hat is one of the favorite trends this summer, and women have endorsed this trend not only for sun protection but also as a stylish accessory. And for amplifying the drama factor, the designers have extended the brim a few inches wider for a more eye-catching look.

A wide-brim hat is the fashion accessory that can add a personal touch and the chic factor to any outfit. This headpiece is versatile, and you can wear it anywhere starting from casual dressing to a wedding, to the beach, festivals, or evening outs.

Wearing a wide-brim hat not only protects you from the heat or cold but also adds a charming note to any looks.

Here are a few styling tips on how to choose a wide-brim hat

Flatter your face shape:

  • long face should choose a medium-sized brim with a shorter crown to balance out the length of your face
  • round face should avoid wearing a hat with a rounded top. Instead, wear a medium to wide brim hat with a higher top to elongate the face.

Flatter your skin tone:

  • fair skin tone should choose darker tones such as dark blues or green, grey, brown, or burgundy to add contrast and bring warmth and color
  • dark and olive skin tones can wear almost any colors but keep a distinction between your skin tone and hat color for a more aesthetic look.

Keep the proportion with the rest of your body:

  • petite women should avoid wearing too wide brims as they can overpower the entire look. Medium rims, like a fedora hat style, is the most flattering and keep a balanced look
  • tall women can wear wide brim hats in contrasting colors and try to avoid small and short-brimmed hats as they look out of proportion with your body
As a rule of thumb: the brim of the hat should be within the width of your shoulders.

Choose hat styles that match with your outfit:

  • casual outfits go well with a floppy hat – team a floppy hat with a bohemian dress or with a swimsuit for a day at the beach
  • stylish and polished outfits pair very well with structured fedora hats

What not to wear with a wide-brim hat:

  • sunglasses and a wide brim hat can be too much, and they compete instead of completing your look. You look more like you are trying to hide instead of standing out. Although, if you plan to spend a day on the beach than the duo go well together.
  • avoid embellishments like feathers, flowers, or colorful ribbons. An exception is the Derby hat when the hat is the centerpiece of the outfit and hats ornaments are appropriate


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