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What to wear to a pool party

Receiving an invitation to a pool party sounds exciting, and you are looking forward to having a fun day by the poolside.

But your enthusiasm moment has disappeared when your thought of “what should I wear” paralyzes you for a moment. Anxiously, you search online for a swimsuit you can wear for the pool party. But the decision is hard to make: one-piece or two pieces, trendy or classic, bikini or high waist, and the list can go on.
Are you getting tired? Read on and put your mind at ease taking into considerations these aspects:

Who is hosting the party?

If the host is a classy and conservative type of person than wearing a one-piece swimsuit that doesn’t reveal too much is the best choice. Keep accessories at a minimum and make a fashion statement with a wide-brimmed hat or oversized shades. Finish the look with a flowy summer dress that it’s not transparent and a pair of low-heeled sandals.

A friend’s birthday pool party invitation gives you the advantage of choosing a bathing suit style that flatters you the most. Moreover, if you are single than a bikini swimsuit is your best choice.

What is your relationship with the host?

When the invitation comes from a business partner or your boss, you better do your homework. Try to find more information, if they are not included in the invitation, who else will attend the party to know what type of people were invited, what is the occasion. The more you know, the more prepared you will be for the pool party.

Opt for a smart and sophisticated look choosing a maxi dress paired with contrasting sandals. Add a personal touch with rimmed sunglasses and complete the look wearing the perfect jewelry for the occasion: a chain or chunky necklace, a pair of bold earrings, or bring vibe colors to your outfit with some bangles.
Wear the best bathing suit you can afford and reveal your best asset – your character.

Location and time of the pool party

Location and time can give you so many details about how you should dress relaxed or dressy, neutrals or vibe colors, minimalist accessories or bold jewelry, etc.

A pool party during the day at a private pool or resort call for a relaxed and comfortable style. A printed cover-up or a floral summer dress with flat sandals and bold earrings are the go-to outfits.
Finish the look with a tote where you can keep all your pool accessories, including your swimsuit if you plan on swimming.

An evening pool party at a luxurious resort requires an elegant yet relaxed look. Flowy and full-length dresses with a slit side or a deep cut paired with thong sandals are the perfect polished look for an evening poolside party. Bold earrings and red lipstick can be the finishing touch for the entire look.

A pool party at a beach resort gives you a multitude of options. You may go for vibe beachy colors or tropical prints during the day or night or go trendy wearing the tie-dye trend and mix floral prints.
Just make sure your look is the one that reflects who you are and your personality.


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