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Styling tips on how to choose the right swimsuit

Choosing the right bathing suit for the pool and beach can be tricky!
Wearing a swimsuit that appears see-through when wet, a slipping nip, or a loose bikini that gets stuck in your bottom cheeks because of the ill-fitting, can ruin your fun day at the pool.
Make sure that the swimsuit fits well, and the fabric is breathable and dries fast. The motto is to buy the best quality you can afford, and you can prevent all the wardrobe malfunction.

Styling tips:

  • Always try on the bathing suit before you buy it
    All-size fits all is a myth.
  • Well-fit is the key
    No matter how beautiful is the color or the print if the bottom gaps in front or the waistband is too tight, do not buy it.
  • Look for a bra that gives you support and coverage
    Large – busted women should look for a built-in support bra while small-busted figures for some padding or push up tops.
  • Choose function over fashion
    Put some thoughts when you purchase a swimsuit and ask yourself where you will wear it and how well will fit your lifestyle. If you mostly spend time at the pool reading and relaxing than you may opt for a bikini swimsuit but if you plan to play some games on the beach than you may consider wearing a sporty style bathing suit.

Wear the right swimsuit for the right moment and a well-fit swimsuit to keep you from having a malfunction wardrobe.

Find out a few etiquette tips here while you relax by the pool.


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