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Hugging etiquette in business

Hugging is a physical contact that people mostly use to show affection and care for a very close friend and love one.

 In professional settings, a hug is a form of non-verbal communication in different situations, such as greeting or congratulating a colleague. But in a formal environment, a business hug is not always appropriate. 

When you meet and greet people in a business environment, always stick to the traditional etiquette standards, making people feel comfortable and courteous. 

When in doubt, refer to the following rules of hug etiquette:

Observe people’s body language before deciding to hug them

  • Avoid hugging people in professional settings. 
  • Take control of the situation. 
  • Never greet with a hug in the business environment. 

Avoid embarrassing situations

Be the first to avoid uncertainty by offering a handshake. The classic handshake is the best option, especially when you meet people for the first time.

If you like to hug people and you are not sure if it’s ok to hug someone, then see their intentions and let them take the lead.

Mostly Asian people, in particular, the Japanese, consider that displaying affection in public is not good manners. Hugging is considered rude and disrespectful behavior.

  • Never greet with a hug in professional settings.
  • It’s awkward to ask people if you can hug them.
  • Please respect people’s personal space and take into consideration their background: culture, gender, and age

Therefore, make sure you know the basic rules of etiquette and customs when you visit a foreign country or greet an international associate.

Always remember to apply proper etiquette when engaging in hugging someone and using your best judgment when you give a business hug to a person you meet for the first time.


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