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  • Proper posture
  • Self-confidence posture
  • Siting posture
  • Walk with grace
  • Make eye contact
  • Smile-body language
  • Body language - gestures
Proper posture Self-confidence posture Siting posture Walk with grace Make eye contact Smile-body language Body language - gestures

How to Appear More Confident and Be Impressive

A person’s physical appearance is the first visual contact that offers an overall image of a person. Of course, we all know that a big part of a personal image is built on the clothes and accessories we wear. But our outward appearance is made up of so much more than simply our clothing. In addition to our clothing, body language is a significant factor in how people perceive us.
Body language plays a huge role in social interactions that speaks volumes about our character, professionalism, and personality.

Confidence, comfort, and self-esteem are all communicated through body language. Therefore, body language affects the way we interact with others and the way we feel about ourselves.

Adopt a good stance and proper posture

  • Display a proper posture to improve your physical appearance by looking taller and thinner, exuding confidence.
  • Proper posture can improve your self-image, which in turn will drive your motivation. As a result, you will perform at your best and feel even better about yourself.
  • A great posture improves confidence and self-esteem.

How to adopt a self-confidence posture

  • Keep shoulders back and chest open to keep your body upward to give the impression of a confident person.
  • Lean slightly backward on the balls of your feet as you walk with your head tilt.
  • Stand tall with your head high and your eyes forward to create a powerful presence.

Expand your body

  • Wherever you sit, stand, or move, try to spread your arms and limbs to fill the room with your presence.
  • When sitting on a chair, lean back with your arms open and feet apart and try to take more space to signal confidence.

Sit down with graceful poise.

  • A good sitting posture is keeping your back straight with your legs firm on the ground or cross at the ankle.
  • Sit a little forward in a chair to enhance your posture, and lean slightly forward when conversing with someone.

Adopt a confident walk

  • Stand tall and give the impression of walking smoothly by keeping your head and chin up, always looking forward, and radiating confidence.
  • Carry yourself gracefully and convey a confident body posture, keep your hands by your side, and walk with a natural swing.

Make more and prolong eye contact.

  • Eye contact is a powerful social gesture that connects people, shows attention and respect, and leaves a lasting impression.
  • Accompany eye contact with other positive gestures such as smiling and nodding or leaning forward slightly to show you are genuinely interested and involved in a conversation.

Have a radiant smile

  • A beautiful smile opens the door for a smooth and relaxed conversation which can help in building personal and business relationships.
  • Smiling helps to improve your overall confidence and influences the way other people perceive you.
  • A natural smile makes you look charming and can enhance your way of interacting with people.

Speak with words and gestures

  • Synchronize your choice of words with the tone of voice and body language to create a positive image.
  • The way you communicate has a significant impact on the message you want to send.
  • Use your hands and fingers to enhance your message and look more expressive.
  • Even if you feel nervous, gesticulation can help explain what you mean and showcase your thought process as well as your personality.


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