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Gift etiquette for a friend

Giving gifts is an important part of human interaction, helping to define relationships, and strengthen bonds with family and friends.

Offering gifts is a symbol of carrying, appreciation, as well as good intentions. It is a great way to show your feelings, to strengthen relationships and friendships.
Offering and receiving a present has to be a pleasant feeling from both sides: the giver and the recipient.

The first thing to consider when buying a present is what the recipient and not what the giver likes. Secondly, remember that often the cost of the gift does not reflect the level of appreciation.

The intentions of the giver should measure the level of gratitude.

Friends are people who have a special place in your life. A gift for a friend must be meaningful and express appreciation of your friendship.

Buy a gift to show your feelings for your friendship! A small token of appreciation offered to a friend for a birthday, or any other occasion shows respect and cares for that person.

A gift for a friend is ultimately about the thought behind the present and not about the cost of the present.

A simple card with a handwritten note of gratitude, a phone call on his/her birthday (not just a text message or, even worse, a post on Facebook) are always highly appreciated.
Always offer a gift to your friend with a smile and a warm hug followed by sincere compliments.


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